Marko was born on August 11, 1984 in Rijeka, Croatia. Since he was 4 years old, like many other drummers, he started playing with pots and pans.

His first musical lessons started at the age of 9, when he was introduced by his elementary school theacher to the local marching brass band where he started to play trumpet.

He successfully finished musical education, while at the same time, he began taking drum lessons. His parents noticed his interest in drums and at the age of 14, they bought him his first full drum kit.

His parents were a great support for him and encouraged him to pursue his dream of becoming a professional musician.

Since he was 15 years old, he started recording drums, percussion and trumpet for various croatian bands and other projects.

At the age of 18, Marko joined croatian band Belfast Food as a trumpet player.

He played drums for singer Claudia Beni, former croatian representative at Eurovision song contest (2006). At the age of 20, he already recorded and worked tours with numerous croatian artists and became recognized drummer (studio and live).

2010.-2011. he received invitation from RTL television, as a drummer in HTZ band in TV show Croatia’s Got Talent. With TV show stars, he worked tours all over Croatia for every TV season.

At the begining of the year 2011 got invited to join Željko Bebek band, famous ex Yu rock star.

Same year he received invitation as a drummer, percussion and trumpet player at the croatian musical Hokus Pokus.

In that period, Marko started jazz/fusion phase and was invited to join the band Voices of Nature. For that band he recorded drums on album Abazar-2011. Same year he became member of Olja'zz band and went on tours with croatian pop/jazz artist Marko Tolja.
At the same time, he worked for Vocal Studio Maraton where he recorded for various artists who used services in that studio.

Year 2012 Marko comes out of croatian borders and becomes band member of international superstar Andreas Gabalier. He worked with him whole, sold out tour called Volks Rock'n'Roller Tour (Austria, Germany and Switzerland). He recorded live DVD of the last live concert from that tour called Volks Rock'n'Roller Live Aus der Wiener Stadthalle.

Same year Marko won first place Award at the Drummer Duel contest for the best drummer in Zagreb Guitar Show.

At the end of the year 2012 he joined croatian band Buđenje.
Next year (2013) Marko played on tour with Andreas Gabalier called Home Sweet Home (Germany, Austria, Switzerland Italy). They recorded live DVD called Home Sweet Home: Live Olympiahalle Muenchen.

2013 Marko did his second musical called Crna Kuća.

Marko also did the whole sould out theater tour with musicle Crna Kuća.

In year 2014 in TV show Gabalier-Die Volks-Rock'n'Roll-Show he played with Andreas Gabalier and his guests: Zucchero, Scorpions, Status Quo, The Baseballs, The Boss Hoss, Peter Kraus, Voxxclub, Imelda May, Sarah Connor and Jeanette Biedermann.

Next year (2015), with band Buđenje, he records drums for album called Ljubav nema pravila.

Same year he won the Award Status for the best pop/rock drummer in Croatia.

At the end of the same year, he becomes member of croatian band Leteći odred.

Year 2016 he received invitation to perform for five days on Drum Camp-Blood, Sweat and Tears, event within Frankfurt Musikmesse - biggest european music fair, together with some of the greatest drummers, like: Karl Brazil, Mikkey Dee, Brian Tichy, Jost Nickel and Mike Terrana.

Same year, in the end of the tour with Andreas Gabalier, he recorded live DVD Mountainman - Live aus Berlin.

At the end of the year one more live DVD came out, named MTV Unplugged with Andreas Gabalier from Odeon Theatre hall in Vienna. After that DVD was released, he went on MTV Unplugged Tour (Austria, Germany and Switzerland).

Album won prestigious prize Echo.

At the same time, he records DVD Live in Kerempuh with band Buđenje.

Year 2017 Marko is playing Andreas Gabalier Stadion Tour 2017 (Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy) and also performing with opening act named AB band wich included: Claus Lessmann (ex Bonfire), Alen Brentini, Michael Voss (Casanova, Mad Max) and Arsen Uran.

In April 2018 he received invitation from The Mat Sinner Band to join the Rock Meets Classic tour (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) together with Francis Rossi (Status Quo), Michael Sadler (Saga), John Helliwell & Jesse Siebenberg (Supertramp), Eric Bazilian (The Hooters), Leo Leoni & Nic Maeder (Gotthard) and RMC Symphony Orchestra.

In the year of 2018, for the second time Marko won the Award Status for the best pop/rock drummer in Croatia.

Same year Marko did his third musical called Les Misérables.

2019 with Andreas Gabalier plays big 10th year Anniversary Stadion Tour (Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy).